Ginger has been one of the most important spices being used for ages, not only India(world’s largest producer of ginger worldwide), China, the rest of Asia, West Africa and later in Europe. Ginger has been used in various cultures in varied forms, Fresh ginger is used as a snack, as picked, ginger tea and even in curries.

Dried ginger is equally nutritious and can be used in cakes, cookies, ginger beer, garam masala, in Indian curries and even as medicine. The amazing health benefits of ginger are because of one of the most important compounds in ginger called gingerol. Gingerol has amazing anti-inflammatory properties, it helps us fight against various disease-causing bacterias and viruses. Ginger has numerous health benefits as it helps in nausea(even pregnancy nausea), stomach upset, arthritis, weight loss, supports gut health, keeps cholesterol in control, improves brain health and many more.

Just like Ginger, Lemon is also super nutritious, it is not only an important source of vitamin C but is also rich in potassium, Vit B and even fiber.Lemon can help us in numerous ways ranging from weight loss, fighting against oxidative stress, aids in digestion, fight against cancer and even helps in maintaining good kidney health.
Remember the peels of both Ginger and Lemon are super-rich in various nutrients and micronutrients which contributes to anti-inflammatory properties, so don’t throw away the peels, in fact, enjoy their amazing health benefits.
I’m sharing some of the easy to make recipes which use both ginger and lemon :

1: Ginger Lemon tea – Heat up some water in a container, grate some ginger or put in some ginger slices and turn off the heat in 5 mins… filter it in a cup and squeeze in half a lemon in it, you can even add in some honey and enjoy your early morning cup of ginger lemon goodness.

2: Ginger pickles – ginger pickles can be made in different varieties ranging from Japanese ginger pickles (made with ginger slices in vinegar and sugar) which we eat with sushi to the Indian variety (made up with oil and garam masala), they both are yummy and healthy!

3: Sliced ginger with lemon – This one is my favorite and super easy to make, I take it with lunch or dinner; with rice or chapati :)Just slice a few thin ginger stripes and add half a lemon in it, store it in an airtight container in the fridge, it will be good to use till a week… I even add some green chillis in it later to make it extra fun.
4: Freshly squeezed ginger juice with lemon – This one is a must if you are down with cold or flu or you simply want to pump up your immunity in winter.Grate some ginger and squeeze out its juice in a cup, add some drops of lemon in it and have 2-3 teaspoons in morning or afternoon, you can also add in a pinch of turmeric if you want an extra boost!
So, Enjoy the benefits of Ginger and Lemon pair… I’m sure it’ll give your immune system the extra pump required to kick those nasty bugs away.