Ghee is believed to be originated in ancient India, since ages it has been used in food preparation, for religious rituals(like yagna or havan) and even for preparing ayurvedic medicines. India is to date the biggest producer and consumer of Ghee. It is an important part of the Indian diet, used in cooking, stirfrying, adding on top of rice or chapati, etc.But slowly, ghee is gaining popularity all over the world..especially amongst the followers of the ketogenic diet. From naturopaths to fitness trainers all are now recommending Ghee to improve overall health and fitness.In this blog, I’ll discuss the amazing health benefits of ghee and why it is liquid gold for your health.

So what is Ghee?Ghee is made by heating butter on low flame till butter melts and the milk solids settle down at the bottom of the pan, the clear ghee is then transferred to a clean and dry container. Ghee compared to butter has a high smoking point and a longer shelf life, you can easily store it for months in a cool dry place.
Now, let’s talk about the amazing benefits of ghee :
Rich in Essential fatty acids – According to JOURNAL OF FOOD RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY, our humble ghee is rich in essential fatty acids, linolenic acid, fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, and K), trace elements like copper and iron.

Brain health – Healthy fats like coconut oil and ghee help nourish our brain with healthy fats.The human brain is nearly 60%fat, therefore Fats are needed by our brain cells for proper functioning(the cell membranes and myelin sheaths are made mostly of fats).Studies have already proven that “Ayurveda” has used ghee for treatment of dementia long before western medicine discovered its health benefits.

Loaded with vitamins – As mentioned earlier, Ghee is loaded with fat-soluble vitamins like Vit A, E, K and D these vitamins are not only good for vision but will also make your skin glow.Ghee, when applied on skin and hair, will make them nourished and moisturized with healthy fats.

Long shelf life -As ghee is made by heating butter at low heat for a long time, this process prolongs the shelf life of ghee to months. Ghee can easily be stored at room temperature in a cool dark place for months.

Supports weight loss Studies have already proven that Just like coconut oil, ghee is made up of medium-chain fatty acids, which helps in burning fat and thus losing weight.Moreover, ghee is rich in essential fatty acids (EFA can’t be produced by the body so it needs to consumed via food) Omega-3 fatty acid DHA and Omega 6 (CLA) , both of these not only helps in weight loss but also enhance the anti-inflammatory properties of ghee.

Stronger bones – As Ghee is rich in vit D & K, both of these vitamins help in improving bone mass density which is especially common in females. Ghee consumption can also help people with osteoarthritis as ghee not only provides essential vitamins but is also anti-inflammatory.

High smoke point – The high smoke point of oil means the temperature at which a particular oil starts to burn and smoke. Oils with a high smoke point will release less harmful free radicals so they can be easily used for baking, roasting, and sauteing without destroying important nutrients.The smoke point of ghee is 485 degrees Fahrenheit, which is even higher than butter (smoke point of butter is 350 degrees Fahrenheit)… so you can use Ghee even for high heat cooking without worry!

Good for digestion – As ghee doesn’t have casein and lactose, it is ideal for people who are suffering from indigestion, IBS or lactose, and casein intolerance.When butter is cooked for long to make ghee, the milk solids get settled so the ultimate product”ghee” is free from casein and lactose.
There are still numerous studies going on to learn the health benefits of our humble ghee, hope you can also try including more healthy fats like coconut oil and ghee in your diet just like I do.No wonder Ghee is absolutely beneficial for health but what better if you can make yummy ghee at home, in my next blog I’ll write about preparation of ghee at home😊