We live in an era where the best of medicinal and surgical advancements are available, yet we are sicker than ever – depression, diabetes, lifestyle disorders, behavioral disorders & allergies are at its peak.The American Cancer Society estimates that 75% of cancer is due to environmental factors: exposure to pesticides, hazardous air pollutants, etc. But the creatures who are most precious to us – our Children – are far more vulnerable and delicate than adults. Children between 1 and five eat 3-4 times more food per pound of body weight than the average adult. They absorb more nutrients and subsequently more toxins than we do. So, How do we teach our kids to live their life in the most intelligent way and not get fooled by food advertisements & commercial products?Here are 10 steps we should follow to maintain and sustain our health – Believe me, our kids will follow us – they are observing us all the time – our kid’s health is in our hands – Empower them with knowledge :

1: Follow the Sun – get up with the sun & get down with it – our body is designed to follow the sun – get up with the sun, work, eat and then as sun goes down relax and let your body unwind – Also please allow 15 -20 mins of early morning sunshine on your bod!
2:Never buy any food which needs advertisement: Just think, do you ever see apples, oranges, nuts being advertised on TV? Well, they don’t need it- so eat products which do not need advertising – even celebrities don’t eat the foods they endorse 😉

3: No Plastic – Doesn’t matter if they say the plastic is BPA free – because the BPA free alternatives like BPS & Diphenyl sulphone – are equally bad for health- So no plastic – Go for Steel/glass bottles, containers &lunch boxes.

4: Exercise & Meditation: Start your day with 20 min exercise session – yoga, walk, running, etc followed by 10 min of meditation – We need to respect our bodies and mind – only 30 min a day will be a huge favor to yourself 🙂

5: No microwave: According to a study – just 1 minute of microwaving destroyed some of the cancer-fighting compounds in garlic, while this took 45 minutes in a conventional oven. Microwaves are making our foods low in nutrition- so what to do – Just do what our Grandmums did – use Oven or cooktops or even better Iron cookpots – they make take a little longer to cook but definitely worth if you don’t want you and your kids to have minimal nutrition food!

6: Become naturally Beautiful – Synthetic products are full of phthalates, formaldehyde, SLS, parabens, etc which we are harmful to your body -causing various problems like endocrine disruptions, neurological problems, breast cancer, respiratory ailments, etc.Look for natural beauty products -they are usually designed to work with your body for long term benefits, rather than just short-term fixes, although customers often report instant results… or else make them at home – Use coconut oil/almond oil/olive oil as body lotions for you and your little ones; making face creams at home are not difficult at all (just coconut oil, beeswax, cocoa butter, Vit E in right proportions)- and they save you lot of money honey 😉

7: Minimal screen time: According to a study published in JAMA Pediatrics, too much screen time for young kids can be linked to slower brain development – children who spent more time in front of screens have less developed brain white matter!So, let them spend time with family and friends instead of with devices – after all their brain will be making maximum neural connections till the age of 5!

8: Add Healthy fats: HDL cholesterol is the “good” kind of cholesterol found in your blood. Monosaturated fats are good fats – they help in maintaining cholesterol blood cholesterol, Prevent atherosclerosis, Helps in Vit D absorption, may protect against heart disease and strokes.where do we find them: Natural oils like coconut, peanut, olive and especially “Ghee”(fully cooked butter); Avocados, Nuts, Soybean, tofu, fatty fish.
9: Make fresh meals: Although sometimes when we are super tired, we opt for ready meals – they are no substitute for freshly cooked meals, they don’t provide your body with the nutrients it needs -ready meals are often high in salt & fat and are deficient in the important nutrients. Instead of getting ready-made meals – Try preparing the meals beforehand or do the chopping and cutting beforehand and freeze – his way your meals will still be much more nutritious than the ready-made ones; and add some fresh salads to it:) And what better than asking kids to help you in preparation, more nutrition, more family time, more healthy and happy family!

10: Lead by example: Our kids are following us, they are looking and observing us each day – the best way we can make our kids have a good healthy life is to do it yourself – We don’t need to put in extra effort to cultivate the healthy lifestyle habits – Just do it and they will follow you – and really they will thank you forever!