Its believed that Coconut was present in the Indian subcontinent and Srilanka even before the 1st century BCE. The Arabs referred to it as the Indian nut.Coconut is a member of the Palm tree family. The wonderful coconut tree holds a special significance in many cultures and that is why it’s called The Tree of Life. It’s used in numerous ways ranging from eating the inner flesh of mature fruit to coconut milk. It’s a regular part of the diet of people living in tropics and subtropics.

To date, there have been more than 2000 studies that support the amazing health benefits of coconut. In fact, the coconut should be treated as a Superfood!Cold-pressed Extra virgin Coconut oil should be consumed and not the refined version. Extra virgin coconut oil has gone through the least processing to extract the natural oil of coconut so its best for our health.
Below mentioned are the top 10 benefits of Coconut oil which should be enough to convince you to start eating coconut oil :

1:Boosting Brain health: The human brain is made up of 60% fat. Essential Fatty acids are very important for maintaining optimal brain health but these cant be made by the body so we need to consume it by food. Coconut oil has this amazing capability to nourish our brain because it’s made up of MCFA(medium-chain Fatty acids), In fact, Coconut oil along with other parts of coconut like coconut flesh, milk and cream are the best sources of MCFAs.In fact, there are several researches to prove that coconut oil consumption can help remarkably in treating Alzheimer’s patients.

2: Fat burning: Researches have already proven that coconut oil consumption can help decrease the fat content of the body, especially around the belly.The reason behind this property of coconut oil maybe because it’s made up of Medium-chain fatty acids (MCFA)which help in fat reduction and also muscle building, also coconut oil helps in maintaining healthy hormonal levels of the endocrine system.

3: Supporting the Immune system: Lauric acid accounts for 50% of the coconut oil. This lauric acid, when absorbed by the body, also forms a substance called monolaurin. Together lauric acid and monolaurin help the body in fighting harmful bacterias, pathogens, and fungi.

4: Maintaining cholesterol levels: According to a 2013 study done on 40 women between 20-40yrs of age, Coconut oil has proven to increase the HDL(High-density lipoprotein) or the good cholesterol levels in the blood, improves the quality of LDL(the so-called bad cholesterol) and decrease the abdominal obesity.According to Dr.Hyman, the countries with the highest intakes of coconut oil have the lowest rates of heart disease.
5: Regulating hormones: MFAs present in coconut oil helps in maintaining healthy thyroid function, hence increasing testosterone in males and decreasing stress & cortisone levels in females.The Lauric acid in coconut oil also helps in maintaining gut health because of its antimicrobial properties.

6: Skin health and UV protection: Coconut oil not only moistens the skin by providing it with healthy fat but also improves collagen production, hence making it look more supple, toned and even reducing wrinkles.It has an antiseptic effect on the skin, helps a lot in relieving symptoms of skin dryness, acne, itching & eczema. I have personally tried coconut oil for my acne for years now with amazing benefits :)This wonderful oil also has a sunscreen effect, acting as a weak sunscreen-blocking around 20% of the sun’s harmful radiations.

7: Promoting Gum health: The antimicrobial property of coconut oil helps in maintaining gum health and preventing infections. Oil pulling is an ancient technique of using coconut oil as a mouth wash early morning (for around 15-20 mins a day) followed by gentle brushing of teeth. Oil pulling has been practiced in India long before brushes were introduced and it really helped to prevent cavities, plaques and gum diseases.

8: More Energetic: Lots of athletes today as using coconut oil in their diet to get long-lasting energy for marathons or races. This is because of the MCFAs of coconut oil go directly to the liver to get converted into sustained energy.

9: Stronger bones: Coconut oil helps to fight against free radicals and oxidative stress hence protecting us against osteoporosis. It also helps in the absorption of Vit D (a fat-soluble vitamin) and hence improving calcium levels in bones, making bones more dense and strong.

10: Strong Hair: Healthy fat for hair is very important for growth and coconut oil has the perfect fatty acids our hair needs. Applying coconut oil and olive oil helps improving hair quality to a great extent. Also, the antimicrobe property of coconut oil helps fight against the dandruff of the scalp.