Margarine is often used by people because of its easy to spread texture so we can escape that morning hassle of melting butter before putting it on the toast… And also because we are constantly fed by the commercial media that Margarine will not increase our cholesterol levels, unlike butter!
Well, In today’s world, when there is so much misleading information available to us, it often becomes quite difficult to differentiate good from bad. I’ll try to explain in this blog in the easiest possible way about why we should never be consuming Margarine or any other oil spreads again.

So, let’s start by understanding How is Margarine made?To manufacture Margarine, Refined vegetable oils are taken and a process of full or partial hydrogenation is carried on to make it solid at room temperature.(Oils are hydrogenized by passing hydrogen gas through the refined oil in the presence of a nickel catalyst. The addition of hydrogen to saturated bonds of C-C results in saturated C-C bonds, so as to increase the melting point of oil hence hardening it so it remains solid at room temperature).
Now, I’m listing down top 5 reasons to avoid Margarine spreads :

1: Margarine is a chemically altered product – It’s not a natural product like butter or coconut oil, in fact, Refined vegetable oils are chemically treated (a process called hydrogenation) to make it solid at room temperature.

2: Margarine has Bad fats – Unlike the popular belief that butter is the main culprit behind all the heart problems, the Margarine, and fast products are the real culprits.First of all, Our body needs fat, yes it does especially our brain but in moderation and healthy fats. What we don’t need is unhealthy and processed fats.
I would like to explain a bit about fats here :Broadly speaking, fats are of 3 types:

So, As you can analyze that Margarine is actually increasing Bad cholesterol or LDL in our body and decreasing the good cholesterol, hence making our heart and blood vessels more prone to blockages or arteriosclerosis.According to the World Health Federation ” Saturated and trans fats raise cholesterol levels in the blood, which in turn can lead to atherosclerosis.Unsaturated fats, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated are beneficial for heart health.  They are present in fish, nuts, seeds, and vegetables.”

3: No Nutrients – Yes, Margarine spreads have no nutritional value not even Fat-soluble vitamins like vit A, D, E, K. Even our so-called bad boy “Butter” has these above-mentioned vitamins.Some of the spreads nowadays have fortified vit A and E but these fortified versions of margarine are not good too. I’ll definitely write a blog soon about why fortified vitamins are not good for our health.

4: It’s not cheap – Yes I might sound crazy by referring to margarine as not cheap when margarine is available in supermarkets at 1/4 the cost of butter, what I mean to say is that, though it might be light on your pocket for some years if you continue to use these “Man-Made” transfat products, you might end up spending much more on the health problems like heart problems, insulin resistance, increased inflammation, hormonal problems, etc which none of us want. Moreover, Studies suggest that Consumption of Margarine leads to increase incidences of coronary heart diseases (CHD).

5: Sorry, Margarine can’t help you with depression – Several studies have already proven that consumption of Unsaturated fats can help us beat the depression.Margarine definitely is loaded with Saturated trans fats so no chance of beating depression with margarine.

So, In short …Why eat Unhealthy, Man-made, Chemically altered products when amazing natural products like Coconut oil, olive oil, Ghee & Mustard oils are available to you?Fats are an important source of nourishment for our Central nervous system but do not consume more than 37% of total calorie intake.If you would like to know about the health benefits of Coconut oil, have a read at one of my previous blog about this amazing oil.